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We are proud to be

Singapore’s first and only certified
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (DRSB) instructors and a part of a community of DRSB instructors all over the world.

Our Story

We started out with an earnest desire to teach the elusive skill of drawing. When our students told us that learning to draw has transformed their lives, we were amazed, curious. That our simple mission could bring greater and more meaningful outcomes than we could have imagined.

We sought to uncover the science behind this, and we found answers in the neuroscience of learning and the psychology of perception. That is, when you are able to teach yourself something new, your brain forms new synapses and new patterns of connectivity. Your brain grows. And, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you how that’s possible, one discovery at a time.

Teaching is the heart of our business and
that’s why we’ve been doing it
for over a decade.